Our Story


Launched in 2016 CPTN made the move from Australia to Scotland in late 2018. Our aim is to offer an affordable, stylish, minimalist watch design that is vegan friendly to help support animal rights.  


Every year, millions upon millions of animals are killed in order to produce leather. Why is that? Why do we need to kill innocent animals for leather? Because it is fashion or because it is stylish? No... It is needless killing that can be avoided by producing various types of synthetic leather, just like you see in all of our watches!

Absolutely no animal products are used in our watches. Our "Leather" straps are actually made of synthetic leather in order to protect the rights of animals.


Our limited edition, flagship series. Featuring matte blacks and contrasting polished gold and silver, they make a bold, unique statement. Ultra minimalist and modern with a 40mm case and a soft, form fitting band that looks great on any wrist.